Come with us on a journey to the extraordinary land of UTIQUE, a brand of rich compositions, precious oils and the best formulas. The elegance, sophistication and finesse meet together to become a sensorial experience.

Perfectly composed fragrances reflect beauty, harmony and energy of life. Luxurious oils are the fusion of unforgettable subtleness and strength. Feel the magic of the UTIQUE World! We want our complexion to stay smooth, firm and radiant for as long as possible. In laboratories all over the world, scientists are constantly researching and improving formulas that will make time stand still – at least for our skin. Using cutting-edge technologies and drawing from ground-breaking discoveries, we have created our specialist brand of cosmetics – FONTAINAVIE.

Our proven formula for eternal youth. Try it and believe. Professional hair care in the comfort of your home? From now on it is possible. To meet your expectations, we have created HAIRLAB – the prestigious line of hair care cosmetics ensuring healthy and beautiful looking hair. Rich composition and perfect recipes tailored to your individual needs will make the dream of a great hairstyle a reality. Give your hair the best possible treatment and become your most beautiful ornament.

Due to stress, air pollution and changeable weather, our skin requires special attention. Given the fast pace of the lives we lead, it can be easy to neglect your skin. This is why we have developed cosmetics that, thanks to carefully selected and concentrated ingredients, will nourish and regenerate your skin every day. Just like after the best spa treatments, your skin will become radiant and healthy. Our wide range of FEDERICO MAHORA products will ensure complex care, not only providing your body with much-needed relief, but also helping you relax and enjoy your skin. Scent is an extremely perceptive sense.

Certain fragrances can make you travel back in time to beautiful places, exciting situations or remind you of people that are important to you. That is why perfumes are so fascinating – they are memories, waiting to be rediscovered. Wherever you go, you take them with you and they remain there long after you leave. Your perfumes should therefore make you feel confident and special. Join us on a magical journey to the world of FEDERICO MAHORA perfume and find a unique fragrance that is truly yours. Makeup has been used since ancient times. But the roles that it plays are as different and varied as the female form itself. Sometimes it helps to emphasize our natural beauty and boost our confidence, while at other times, it allows us to create a completely new image, reflecting the mood and situation we are in.

Our fantastic FEDERICO MAHORA cosmetics transform makeup into play. So… go on! Experiment with different shades, explore the full range of colors that express who you are. We have prepared a full range of fashionable tones and shades, some of them light-hearted, some bold and some sensual. Explore and choose those that suit you best.

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